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Whether you are looking for a double glazing unit replacement or an entire shop front replacement, RD Glazing’s professional and industry leading services can help you get the job done quickly, efficiently and to the highest standards.

My shop front has been damaged, can you help?

Glass shop fronts are prone to damage from a multitude of sources. Damage in the glass can pose a health risk and also leaves the premises open to opportunistic thieves.

Having to organise a window replacement can also be a headache at the best of times, with RD Glazing you can relax as our industry leading service will ensure your premises is secured as soon as possible and replacement security glass is put in place in next to no time at all. Give our office a call on 01543 505060 and ask about our Emergency Boarding Up services.

How can I tell if my double glazing units need replacing?

Double glazing units can fail due to a number of reasons. Age is one of the main factors contributing to double glazing unit failure. The materials used to manufacture the units can degrade over time leading to seal leaks and heat loss.

The easiest way to tell if a double glazed unit has failed is to feel the temperature difference in the room compared to others. If you notice one room is significantly colder than another you may need a unit replacement.

There are several visual indicators that will highlight a damaged double glazed unit, these include visible damage to the glass on either side of the double glazing, fogging within the unit and mould on the inside of the unit.

Double glazing’s efficiency comes from having two panes of glass sealed together with an air tight void between them. This void is then filled with a gas which aids in the insulation. Once the air tight seal has been broken the unit’s efficiency will reduce quite considerably.

When the seals have broken other gasses and moisture can find its way into the sealed double glazing unit reducing its effectiveness. Once moisture has been introduced into the unit the process of heat transfer from one side to the next is greatly increased leading to a substantial heat loss in the winter periods. The easiest indicator to this is fogging on the inside of the unit. Condensation settling on the inside of the glass comes from moisture on the inside of the panel condensing on the cool parts of the window (normally lower corners of each pane).


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