Domestic Double Glazed Unit Replacement

From time to time double glazing units can fail whether due to age where the seals have deteriorated or a window has been broken in some way. RD Glazing can replace Double Glazed Units quickly and easily for you.

How can I tell if my double glazing unit has failed?

The easiest way to tell if a double glazing unit has failed is a visual inspection. Can you see condensation or mist on the inside of the unit? If yes, this means the double glazing unit seals have broken and have allowed moisture to enter. This acts as a catalyst for heat transfer between hot and cold environments degrading the insulation effectiveness of the unit. Another way to tell if a double glazing unit has failed is noticing a cold area around a certain window compared to others in the house.

How do double glazed units fail?

Double Glazing Unit Failure can be caused by a number of different factors. Physical damage is the biggest factor with broken glass or damaged frames causing the unit to fail. Age is another factor, Double Glazing Units are expected to last approximately 20 years and with many houses coming to that age some windows may have some failures. Not caused by physical damage corrosion of the seals in the unit allowing moisture into the space between the glass which will act as a catalyst for heat transfer.

Will this have an effect on my energy usage?

A double glazed unit that fails will transfer heat from its source a lot faster and easier than when it was sealed. This will have reduced its effectiveness as an insulator and will allow heat to transfer to an external source. Due to the heat loss through the window your heating system will use more energy to keep the room at a particular temperature increasing your heating costs.


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