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Whether you are looking for new windows, energy efficient upgrades or repairing damage to existing windows, RD Glazing’s high quality industry leading services can help you with any aspect.

My double glazing has misted up, what should I do?

The mist is caused by condensation settling on the glass between two environments with different temperatures. If there is mist is on the inside of the glazing and between the two panes of glass this means the seals on the double glazing unit have failed and have allowed moisture to enter. Due to the seal being broken the effectiveness of the Double Glazing has also been compromised allowing heat to transfer through the window at a much higher rate. To solve this, a replacement Double Glazing Unit would be installed. Misting of the Double Glazing is most noticeable in a room which gets quite warm, normally a bathroom or bedroom.

How can double glazing save me money?

Double glazing helps keep the transfer of heat energy from a warm heat source (indoors) to a cold heat area. Double glazing works by having a sealed unit of two panes of glass with a small gap between filled with a nominated gas. ( The gas differs depending on manufacturer and energy efficiency ) Heat transfer from a solid object to gas back to a solid object is extremely inefficient which is why they are a great insulator. A house fitted with B-Grade Double Glazing previously with Single Pane glass could save up to £170 a year on your gas bill.

What effect does it have on my energy bills?

Due to not having to produce as much heat for the home, you could save up to £170 a year on gas. With nearly 15% of heat escaping through windows the savings can easily be felt.

Would I need to change my window frame at the same time?

This all depends on the frames you currently have. In most cases Double Glazing can be installed or replaced without the need to change the frames. To double check however, please give us a call and we will advise you on the best course.

Why choose RD Glazing?

With years of experience RD Glazing offer an industry leading service with our customers at the centre of our focus. We always make sure you are informed at all stages of our installation process and if you have any questions we are always happy to help in any way we can. All of our staff are highly qualified and as a part of the Glass and Glazing Federation we are always up to date with any new technology or products available to us. We have also achieved CSCS Platinum accreditation with all of our staff members certified.


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